Arranging Casino Night For Your Tennis Club

Tennis clubs sometimes organize casino nights to raise funds for the club. Though the club runs on the monthly club fee that the members provide, it’s not enough to maintain the club. As new members join, the club facilities must be extended. A new tennis court may be required.

The extra fund is also needed for renovating the club. A casino night is very effective in collecting money for the club. As a member of the tennis club, you can take part in the casino night. Here are some tips for arranging a casino night.

Provide lots of casino games

A casino party must have lots of games. You should rent slot machines, card tables, poker, roulette, and other games. You should have access to WiFi so that the guests can also play online casino games and become Griffon Casino players. You can hire a professional croupier for the night so that everyone at the party feels like they are at a real casino.

Have an attractive centrepiece on the table

You should decorate the tables with ornate flower arrangements. You can also put oversized dice or playing cards. This will create a casino-like environment, and the guests will love it.

Set up a bar

You should set up a bar just like in casinos. The bar should be stocked with beer, wine, cocktails, and other drinks. The bar should be open to all so that the guests can drink throughout the night.

Dinner menu

You should set the dinner menu carefully and incorporate varieties of food. The buffet-style menu is good for casino nights. You should keep finger food too so that the guests can nibble these while gambling.

Make sure you decorate your venue well with 3D props so that the club environment looks like a casino. Have music so that the guests can dance. Make it a fun night for the club members and their families.