Tennis is a popular sport around the world. If you want to know more about this wonderful sport, then you should read books related to it. Here are some suggestions for you.

The Inner Game of Tennis

By – W. Timothy Gallwey

This book is about all the mental challenges like nervousness or lack of concentration that players experience during tournaments. This book is useful not only for the tennis players but also for other professionals like singers or actors. Here you will learn how to focus your mind on overcoming self-doubt, distractions, and other mental issues. You will know how to the state ‘relaxed concentration.

Winning Ugly

By – Brad Gilbert

The author is an Olympic gold medalist and an ESPN analyst. Here the author has explained the strategies used by top tennis players in the world like Roger Federer, Selena Williams, and others. Learning these strategies will help you to become a better player.


By – Audre Agassi

This is the autobiography of Audre Agassi, one of the best tennis players ever. Here you will know about his remarkable life. You will be inspired by learning how he reached the top. You will learn about his early success and how he struggled to handle fame at a young age. You will know about the low phases of his career, a difficult relationship, and more.

Complete Conditioning for Tennis

By – Mark Kovacs

This book will teach you how to improve your performance on the court. You will learn how to improve shot power, speed, and agility. You will know how to maximize your training to achieve success at the actual event.

These books are very helpful for those who are enthusiastic about tennis and want to know the various tactics and strategies to improve their performance. You should have some of these books in your collection.