Tips For Tennis Court Maintenance

The tennis clubs have multiple tennis courts for the players. These courts must be maintained properly; otherwise, the players won’t be able to play. Tennis court maintenance takes some time and effort. You will also need to be patient. Here are some tips for maintaining your tennis court throughout the year.

Clean the court regularly

You should clean the court once a month. If you notice the growth of mildew or mould n the shaded area or corners, then you must get rid of those. These happen due to the spillage of drinks and food. If you have an indoor tennis court, then you need to vacuum the court often. Every year, you must do wet cleaning using a mild detergent solution.

Remove standing water

You should remove any standing water from the court. You can use rain showers to clean the court. If there is standing water, then the dirt will accumulate, and stains will be left. The players won’t be able to perform well because the surface will become rough.

Use the right equipment

You should use the right cleaning equipment to clean the court. Use nylon brooms for scrubbing the surface. If you use a pressure washer, then limit the pressure and keep the tip a bit away from the surface.

Preventing damage

You should put banners and signs around the court area to let the players know about the court rules. These can include no food or chewing gum, no bikes, no drag chains, and others. If you place any chair or equipment on the court, place pads so that the court surface doesn’t get damaged.


If you have an outdoor tennis court, then you should focus on landscaping. You should trim grass and other vegetation, and they must not be on the court. You must get rid of dust or dirt as they may get into the court.

You should hire professional cleaners to clean the tennis court at least twice a year. In the meantime, you must maintain the court in good condition. A well-maintained court will allow top-class matches to be held, and the players will also feel comfortable playing.